Meet Our Team

Dr. Andrea Clarke | Veterinarian (Weyburn)

Andrea has had a lifelong attachment to animals, and becoming a veterinarian was a decision made when she was in grade 4.  She went to the University of Manitoba, earning a degree in Agriculture (Animal Science) first, and then was accepted at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. Andrea graduated in 1992, and came to Weyburn to start working for Dr Gary Hoium.

Andrea met her husband while on the job.  She lives with her husband, two daughters (one is leaving the nest), two cats, and three dogs on a farm where they get to enjoy the prairie wildlife and the great outdoors.  Current interests include photography, hunting, and training and testing her two Drahthaars.

Andrea enjoys working in Weyburn. The community was welcoming when she first started, and has been a wonderful place to have a career, and also raise a family. The bonds formed with numerous clients over the years will be treasured  forever.

Dr. Catherine Colodey | Veterinarian (Weyburn, SK)

Catherine was born and raised in the rural community of Clyde River, PEI. Being part of the sixth generation of a family farm that raised Angus cattle, as well as sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs and a multitude of “free range” poultry species peaked her interest and love for the care of animals very early in life. Agriculture remained an integral part of Catherine’s life growing up through her involvement with the 4-H organization and the Maritime and Canadian Angus Associations. After completing three years of a Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Prince Edward Island, Catherine was accepted into the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, PEI. After graduation, her interests in pursuing a career as a veterinarian were filled after taking a job with the Prairie Animal Health Centre in Weyburn. Catherine’s main interests in veterinary medicine include providing comprehensive dental care, as well as performing both oral and soft tissue surgery. At home, Catherine enjoys gardening (year round!), cooking, soaking up the sun on a sunny day outdoors and playing with her two cats, Simon and Sammy, and two dogs, Eddie and Higgins.

Dr. Cory Davis | Veterinarian (Weyburn,SK)

Cory was born and raised in Sussex, New Brunswick a small dairy and forestry town.  As a young child, Cory always enjoyed being around the farm animals and often adventured around his uncles beef farm and the neighbors dairy farm. He completed a two year pre-veterinary medicine program at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College before being accepted into the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2006.  He graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, P.E.I in 2010 with a keen interest in cattle.  He decided to venture to Saskatchewan to pursue beef cattle medicine at the Weyburn Clinic.  Cory enjoys bovine reproduction, herd health analysis, feedlot management, sheep production and general surgery.  Although the world of small animal has also been enjoyable.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Catherine Colodey and their critters at home, as well as, hiking, taking in community events and relaxing after a hard day's work.

Dr. Jeremy Ross | Owner/Veterinarian (Estevan)

Jeremy was born and raised south of Estevan on the family ranch. He grew up spending a lot of time with animals. Most of his time was spent doing chores, feeding and caring for the ranch’s cows, horses, dogs and cats. Jeremy started to get involved when he joined the local 4 H Club and later High School Rodeo. He graduated from Estevan Comprehensive High School and got a scholarship to attend Casper College and compete on the livestock judging team. This consisted of a lot of travelling to almost all western US states competing and practicing at many farms and livestock operations along the way. Competitively, he won contests in Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas and finished high point judger for Casper College. Academically Jeremy’s GPA got him in the PHI Theta Kappa honor society and after taking correspondence through U of Wyoming and U of California-Berkeley, he completed his requirements for vet school in 2 years. Vet school was great for Jeremy, especially sharing it with his brother Mike and future wife Carol. Jeremy has many veterinary mentors to thank that helped me along the way; his uncle Barry Ross DVM at Dawson Creek BC, John Kyle DVM at Mayerthorpe, AB, Dennis Rach DVM and all the vets at Moore & Company in Calgary. Jeremy was awarded the Roberts Prize for Excellence in Beef Cattle Herd Health management. He graduated in 2002.

Since graduation, Jeremy has been in mixed practice and still prides his self in being a jack of all trades. He is proud to be surrounded by good people, and to work at 2 great facilities with advanced technology and services. Professionally, he received the award of distinction in Equine Welfare-Excellence in innovation from the Saskatchewan Horse Federation and Food Animal Council. Jeremy attended a 6 month course in Veterinary Acupuncture for all animals in 2006. He has attended many major conferences and wet labs annually to stay current (average 2.5 a year). Currently, he still enjoys learning more. He has lectured many vet students and finds it fulfilling to mentor them. Jeremy is proud to live on the prairies where he can enjoy hunting, fishing, team roping and penning and working with good cowhorses on the family ranch. He still has a passion for veterinary medicine. It has taken him a lot of places and he has met some wonderful colleagues and clients. Jeremy is grateful for his children and feels lucky to have a wife that understands his job and shares the same interests. He looks forward to a long career of excitement!

Dr. Carol Ross | Owner/Veterinarian (Estevan)

Carol Ross was raised on a mixed farm near the small town of Arrowwood, AB.  Growing up she loved to help with all aspects of the farm from chasing cows to fixing the combine.  She was active in 4-H Beef, softball, basketball and dance.  She was valedictorian of her high school, although granted there were only 40 students!  She did an undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Calgary with an honours thesis on the prevalence of Giardia in swine.   At the Uof C, she was a member of the Ski club and learned how to rock climb.  After graduating she was lucky enough to find a job in her field; she worked for a ruminant nutritionist at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Lethbridge AB on projects such as Giardia prevalence and effects on calf gain, survival of fecal pathogens in compost, and mineral intake of cattle on pasture.  While in Lethbridge she played slow pitch, ultimate Frisbee, and lots of golf.  After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 she joined Hoium Veterinary Services in Weyburn.  One month later BSE was detected in a Canadian cow and the cattle industry was changed overnight!  While dealing with the challenges of entering practice, Carol also helped Jeremy start Ross Veterinary Services in Estevan.   In 2005, Jeremy and Carol bought the Weyburn clinic from Gary Hoium.  Her special practice interests are surgery, dentistry and cow-calf herd medicine.   She is very concerned about finding the best solution for the animal and their owner! 

Jeremy and Carol have three children, Jaycee, Sydney and Hugh.  Carol’s hobbies are gardening, chasing cows, playing hockey, team penning, and waterskiing.

Dr. Gary Hoium | Veterinarian (Weyburn, SK)

Gary was born on September 19th, 1956 in Midale, Saskatchewan. He was raised in Midale and attended grade 1-11 there. Gary attended his grade 12 in Weyburn while playing for the Junior A Weyburn Red Wings. Wishing to pursue a career in hockey, Gary went on to play for the New Westminister Bruins (WHL) and the Reno Broncos (SWHL) for a short time before enrolling at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. A decision to pursue medicine was made, however acceptance into that college proved a major obstacle for Gary. After completing 8 years of university, Gary graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  While attending University, Gary married Shelley Watson (his wife, now, of 36 years). Their daughter Nicole was born in 1980 which was the same year Gary was accepted into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, he accepted a full time position in a mixed animal practice in Weyburn. In 1989, Gary purchased the clinic from Dr. Don Pulfer. He operated the new business as Hoium Veterinary Services P.C. Ltd. for the next 15 years until November 30th, 2004 when he sold the practice to Jeremy and Carol Ross. Gary continued to reside in Weyburn thereafter doing contract cattle export to the USA duties for Prairie Animal Health Centre. Shelley and Gary's son Jason was born in 1986.Jason is now a dentist in Weyburn. While Nicole married a Lawyer, Scott Giroux, Both are currently living in Saskatoon along with their daughter Maggie.  During their years in Weyburn, Gary enjoyed playing hockey as well as coaching minor hockey and other minor league sports. His hobbies include establishing and operating a small 800 acre hobby cow-calf cattle ranch south of Radville, travelling, golfing, landscaping and carpentry. Gary and his wife purchased a lake property in 2010 and moved an old 2 story prairie house to the site. They have spent the  3 years designing, restoring and renovating it for future enjoyment by their family!

Kristin Caldwell

Chief of Veterinary Operations & Registered Veterinary Technologist
 (Weyburn & Estevan, SK)

Kristin wanted to be a Veterinary Technologist since Grade 9 so that is exactly what she set out to do.  Growing up in Regina and spending many childhood summers on her uncle’s farm in Montmartre, SK, she still felt that she needed more cattle experience before attending school. So after high school graduation, Kristin went to work at Heartland Livestock in Regina, SK, and became the second female sorter in their 76 year history. In 2001, Kristin began the Animal Health Technology course at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. After graduation, she worked as an RVT at Victoria Veterinary Clinic in Regina, SK. In January 2004, Kristin began work at Ross Veterinary Services in Estevan, SK, as an RVT. She became a co-manager in 2007 and as the company grew so did her role. Kristin became the Chief of Veterinary Operations (Hospital Administrator) in 2012. Kristin and her husband of 10 years Dustin have a farm west of Weyburn in the R.M. of Brokenshell, SK.   They have three daughters Payton, Hannah and Hailey and their sone Lance.  Adding to their busy family is a border collie Jess, a bloodhound Jed,  house cats  George.  They raise a herd of 85 commercial cattle aside from working full time.  Kristin enjoys volunteering for her community and has been President of the R.M. Centennial Committee and the Brokenshell Parks and Recreation group. She led the rejuvenation project of the Trossachs Community Hall in 2012/2013. Kristin celebrated 10 years of working for Prairie Animal Health Centre in 2014 and looks forward to many more years at PAHC.

Lisa Mallory
Registered Veterinary Technologist + Practice Manager (Weyburn, SK)

Lisa was born in Winnipeg, MB but lived all her life in Saskatchewan. Lisa attended SIAST Kelsey Campus and upon graduation in 1993 Lisa started working at Prairie Animal Health Centre.   In 2006, Lisa became co-manager for PAHC’s Weyburn and Estevan clinics. In 2012 her position changed to manager of the Weyburn clinic.  Outside of work, Lisa has been involved with The Weyburn Humane Society, The Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists, and The Saskatchewan Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Currently Lisa volunteers at her church; teaching Sunday School & member of board subcommittee, Haig School SCC member, coaches son’s soccer team and manages son’s hockey team. Lisa received the 2004 Award of Merit from the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists. What brings Lisa the most joy is her family! Her husband Gerry, their son Samuel and stepsons Dylon and Gaege, as well two Jack Russell Terriers, Skip and Pickles and  her cat Baby who all complete their family.

Karla Hadlow
Registered Veterinary Technologist (Weyburn, SK)

Karla was born and raised in Prince Albert, Sk. She grew up in the city, but ever since she can remember, she has always had pets in her life; these include a rabbit, dogs, fish, hamster and birds. Karla’s grandparents got an acreage when she was 10 years old and this is where she got some of her experience with sheep, chicken, geese and rabbits. Ever since Karla was in Kindergarten, she knew that a career with animals was her calling, although she had a strong interest in welding and electrical as well as conservation. Karla went to SIAST in Saskatoon, SK, for the Veterinary Technician course in 2002, and graduated in 2004. While going to school she developed a strong interest with working with wildlife. Shortly after graduating Karla came to Weyburn and started working as a Vet Tech for Prairie Animal Health Centre. Karla currently is living in Weyburn with her pet family of 5 cats, Diego, Athena, Spike, Freckles and Tarzan and 3 dogs, Angel, Macy and Rocky

Julie Chinski
Registered Veterinary Technologist (Weyburn, SK)


Julie enjoyed every minute of growing up on a dairy farm, although picking eggs and butchering chickens gave her a phobia of them. Her family always had collie dogs and one in particular made her love the breed; her name of course was Lassie. As Julie and her family milked cows, their cats would sit on their shoulders. Julie’s dad would not let her have a horse but that didn’t stop Julie from having a strong passion for them, she actually thinks it made her love and appreciate them that much more. She got her first horse when she was in tech school. Julie has acquired many other horses since. She even has some miniature horses and a donkey named George. She currently lives on a farm with her husband and two little boys Wyatt and Kale. Before they got married they literally made a list of what kind and how many animals they would have, so it wouldn’t get out of hand. She worked in a small/exotic animal clinic in Saskatoon, SK, and then a mixed practise in Regina, Sk. Julie started working as a Vet Technologist at Prairie Animal Health Centre in January 2008. She is very happy to be able to continue her education and has acquired her Equine Massage Certificate! She has attended many dog training seminars, including a few clicker expos. She currently teaches dog obedience/clicker training classes and is trying some agility classes too! Julie loves riding horses whether it’s reining, barrels, or just chasing cows. She also enjoys spending time with her family camping.

Janelle Evans
Registered Veterinarian Technician (Weyburn, SK)

Janelle was born and raised in the Weyburn area. She moved to Olds, AB in 2006 where she attended Olds College. She received a Diploma in Equine Production and Breeding in 2008 and continued on with her education in 2011 as an Animal Health Technician. Janelle has been a RVT at Prairie Animal Health Centre since she graduated in 2011. She currently lives on a cattle farm with her husband, Ken Evans and step-son Liam, and soon expecting a new addition to their family. They raise Limousin cattle and have a small herd of show steer cattle. Janelle has added four horses and a miniature donkey to the farm as well. Of course, dogs and cats have always been a big part of Janelle’s life. She currently has 5 cats, a grey hound cross, and 4 border collies. Janelle’s future goal is to start competing in stock dog trials. 

Kerri-Ann Currie
Registered Veterinarian Technician (Weyburn, SK)

Kerri-Ann was born in Northern Ireland and moved with her parents and 2 sisters in 1997 to a dairy farm in Brandon, Mb when she was 10.  Animals have always been a large part of her life.  Growing up on a dairy farm has given her a great passion and respect for working with cattle.  She could always be found out with the cattle with some cats and the family dog following along behind her.  In 2008 she graduated from Assiniboine Community College with a diploma in Human Resources and spent a few years working for the college and found out that the office life was not for her so she decided it was time to go back to school for what she loved.  In 2012 Kerri graduated from Lakeland College in Vermilion Alberta with her Veterinary Technician Diploma.  In October 2012 she began working at Assiniboia Veterinary Clinic, where she mainly worked with cattle and loved every moment of it.  In September 2015 Kerri was given the opportunity to move to Weyburn and work at Prairie Animal Health Centre.  Kerri currently lives in Weyburn with her two cats Murphy and Magee that she rescued as kittens. She is looking forward to many years here in Weyburn.

Crystal Ruckaber
Veterinary Assistant (Weyburn)

Crystal Ruckaber was raised on a farm south west of a small community called Parkberg (Home of Gainer the Gopher). Crystal attended school in Mortlach, Sk, from Kindergarten until she graduated in 1997. Crystal’s family raised commercial cattle and ran a small grain operation. Crystal was involved in 4-H for 16 years. At the age of 21, she was no longer able to be a member of a 4-H program so she became a Leader. In 1998, she bought her first Black Angus Heifer and was able to continue showing. In 2004, Crystal’s family sold the cattle and family farm due to family health problems. Before Crystal moved to Weyburn, she worked for a Small Animal Clinic in Moose jaw for 8 years as a Vet Assistant/Office Manager. Also, in that time, Crystal worked for Superior Meats, a meat processing plant out of Swift Current. Her position there was Manager in the Moose Jaw store for two years. In January of 2009, Crystal met her future husband in Weyburn, named Lyle Ruckaber. In November of 2009, Crystal made the move to Weyburn to be with Lyle. Shortly after moving to Weyburn, Crystal became a Veterinary Assistant of PAHC. On Aug 21st, 2010 Crystal and Lyle were married in Weyburn Sk. They are currently living in Weyburn with their pet family of their cat, Lucifer, and their American Bulldog, Petey.

Kathy Carson
Receptionist (Weyburn)

Kathy Carson was born in Victoria, BC, and grew up on a hog farm with her five brothers in Fraser Valley, BC. They all had their own pigs and were members of the 4-H Club. They always had a milk cow, a few chickens, turkeys and a litter of Cocker Spaniel pups. Kathy moved to Weyburn in 1981. After living surrounded by the mountains in BC, she immediately grew to love the beautiful wheat fields and the wide open skies of the prairies. She and her husband are proud grandparents of Ben, Lily, Maeve and Jake. All of their vacation days are spent traveling back and forth to Alberta to be with them. Kathy started working at Prairie Animal Health Centre as a receptionist in 2004. She feels so lucky to be able to say that she loves what she does and looks forward to each new unpredictable day at the clinic.



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