Annual Physical Exam

Annual Physical Exam

Our pets age at a range seven times faster than us.  A lot can change in our pet’s health in this time.  All healthy and young pets should be examined every year and senior pets twice a year.  In general, animals 7 years of age and older are considered at risk for age-related problems. Giant breeds are classified as seniors at the age of 5 years. During your pets physical exam some of things we check are body condition, skin, teeth, ears, eyes, heart and respiration rate.   This is a great opportunity to discuss any questions concerns you may have about nutrition, behavior and health.  Generally the physical exam is done at the same time as vaccinations to ensure your pet is healthy prior to immunization.  Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your pet’s health pairing that with an annual physical exam is one of the best ways to increase our pets’ longevity. 


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  • "Since Buffy's had a dental she acts like a puppy again. We can hardly keep up to her!"
    Ann Skjonsky - Weyburn, Saskatchewan