Pet Cremation Options

When considering cremation, it is important to understand the two different options we offer

A Private or individual cremation- is a cremation procedure during which only one animal's body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process.  The animal is uniquely identified throughout the process. This results in the animal's cremated remains being the only remains processed and returned.

A communal cremation- is a cremation procedure where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. Cremated remains are not returned to owners.

Pricing (does not include taxes)

0-15 lbs- $125.00 

15-50 lbs- $145.00

50-100 lbs- $155.00

100 + lbs- $175.00

Basic service includes return of ashes in a velvet bag and scatter box

If you do not choose to have your pet's ashes returned, the communal cremation service is offered at a fee of $35.00

Color variety may vary depending on availability

For pearl finish add $4.00

White: Small - $20.00

Medium - $40.00

Large - $60.00

Black: Small - $24.00

Medium - $44.00

Large - $64.00

Blue and Pink(small only) - $20.00

Photo Boxes

(Birch, Cedar, Cherry, or black)

Small - $85.00

Medium - $100.00

Large - $128.00

Photo Urns

(Available in black or tan)

Urn Jewelery

Pewter Odyssey Urn

Available in a single slate paw or a double gold paw print

Small - $85.00

Medium - $100.00

Large - $128.00

Slate Paw Print Classic Urn

Small - $122.00

Medium - $170.00

Large - $240.00

Scatter Tubes

Small - $45.00

Medium - $55.00

Large - $65.00

Angel Wing Urns

Sitting or laying down cat urns

Patterned urns

Please talk to a staff member regarding prices


All prices are subject to change


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