Equine Massage

Julie Chinski, one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians in Weyburn, Currently has her certificate in Equine Massage. The benefits of Equine massage include, maintaining good muscle mass, circulation, relaxation/calming, and much more.

The typical list of benefits of equine massage:

• Dilates blood vessels
• Returns blood back toward heart
• Helps drain sluggish lymph material
• Improves muscle tone
• Stretches connective tissue
• Lessens stiffness and swelling
• Has a stimulating or sedative effect on nervous system
• Brings awareness to the area being massaged

How  equine massage benefits you, the horse owner.

• CIRCULATION: Massage increases circulation to all body parts. All cells of the body absolutely must have oxygen and nutrients brought to them, via the circulation of blood, to generate new cells, produce energy, export toxins and maintain all cellular functions.

• MUSCLE PERFORMANCE: Massage physically breaks down the knots and contracted muscle fibers that cannot do their job efficiently. This leads to better muscle quality and more comprehensive and balanced muscle action. Your horse is made up of 700 skeletal muscles and that is 60% of the body mass of the horse! Working a horse with tight, continually contracted muscles is equivalent to operating in a state of resistance. The horse is using much more energy to perform and achieving less than its optimum potential and headed for injury.

• MENTAL ACUITY: Massage speaks to the nervous system in such a way that a horse will experience a significant state of relaxation, mental clarity and self healing. A horse functioning in a state of constant mental stress and limited focus will never perform to its full potential.

When massage is performed on a consistent basis the positive effects build upon themselves over time. Once a year massages are basically the equivalent of putting a band-aid on underlying issues and the horse never reaps the benefits of continual healing. However, regular massage not only benefits the horse, it also benefits YOU, the horse owner, and here is how:

You may have a horse that can move more efficiently, with less pain and achieve more physically, which will equal a better performance for you.

You may have a horse that experiences less tendon and ligament injuries equaling more performance time and less lay- up time; keeping you in the saddle.

You may have a horse that recovers quicker from workouts and is feeling ready to work on a consistent basis giving you a willing horse to ride.

You may have a much happier horse with a better work attitude making your daily ride a pleasure rather than a fight.

Whether you ride for pleasure or performance, equine massage is a simple addition to your horse’s health care program which can keep you in the saddle at the top of your performance

Julie is very passionate about horses and loves seeing their reaction with massage. If you are interested in booking a Equine Massage, please call our Weyburn office at 306-842-7677, or Contact Julie @ [email protected]


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