Did you know that ticks start to emerge when the weather is 4 C and warmer and once temperature is greater than 25 C they will start to decrease. Typically tick season starts in April and can go until June or July

There are may products available that can help protect your pet:

Advantix is a topical oil that is applied to the skin of your pet over month

Ticks will absorb the product through their feet and fall off the dog. The tick will die without having to bite your pet. It has been shown to be effective with dogs that swim.

This product is safe for pets older than 8 weeks of age and can be used during pregnancy and lactation

Nexgard is a once a month chewable oral tablet.  

The tick will have to bite to die. 

Safe for pets older than 8 weeks of age

You may still find ticks attached, but they will die within 24 hours

If you need to remove ticks from you or your pet, there is a set of tools available called tick twister


If you have found a tick on your pet or yourself you can fill out a form and submit to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to help the province continue with its tick surveillance program


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