Pet Cremation Options

The decision to euthanize your pet can be difficult and devastating. We want you to know that the staff and doctors at Prairie Health Centre are here to help you and your pet through this difficult time. We can assist you in assessing your pet’s quality of life and making this very personal decision.

When your pet has passed, we can also offer options for cremation if that is your choice.

Private or individual cremation– is a cremation procedure during which only one animal’s body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. The animal is uniquely identified throughout the process. This results in the animal’s cremated remains being the only remains processed and returned.

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Basic service includes return of ashes in a velvet bag and scatter box.

A communal cremation – is a cremation procedure where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. Cremated remains are not returned to owners.

Communal Cremation Pricing (does not include taxes)

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Ceramic Urns

(Black, White or Bubble with paw prints)

Photo Boxes

(Black, White or Bubble with paw prints)

Odyssey Urns

Available in a single slate paw or a double gold paw print

Classic Urns

Paw Print Classic Urn

(Black, White or Bubble with paw prints)

Paw Print Brass Urns

(Black, White or Bubble with paw prints)

Heart Urns

Suitable only for pets less than 1.5 kgs

PawPals Paw Print Keepsakes