Our Doctors

  • Dr.
    Carol Ross

    Carol was raised on a farm near the small town of Arrowwood, AB. Growing up she loved to help with all aspects of the farm from chasing cows to fixing the combine. She was active in 4-H Beef, softball, basketball and dance.

    Carol is passionate and skilled in helping to restore her patient’s mobility through surgery; whether a fracture repair or stifle surgery she wants her patients to enjoy being active as much as she does. She also enjoys veterinary dentistry and giving pet’s a pain free mouth. She is our designated clinic dentist and travels between or Estevan and Weyburn locations performing dental surgery three days a week. 

    Always found nearby is her sidekick “Marley”, an energetic and somewhat naughty Corgi/ Heeler. When not at the clinic she can be found cheering on her kids Jaycee, Hugh and Sydney at the pool, rink or dance studio. When summer is in full bloom you will find Carol with her paddle board strapped to her car roof. Perfectly calm water calls to her and she is never too busy to enjoy a tour on the lake from her board.

    Carol can be found leaving notes of encouragement for her team and has true admiration for them and their superhuman abilities to care for her patients like Wayne Gretzky handles a puck.

  • Dr.
    Jeremy Ross

    Jeremy knew he wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a child. Growing up on a ranch near Estevan he was interested in science and biology. He loved medicine and animals but couldn’t stand the thought of being a human doctor.

    Jeremy keeps three goals in mind when helping every patient; to understand the client’s needs, to do his best for the animal’s sake and to keep him and his team safe. 

    He shares his love of life with his three kids Jaycee, Sydney and Hugh. Brightening his days are his pets Jewel, a cowboy corgi, his cat JJ and his six horses that he spends more time with than any human in his life.

  • Dr.
    Andrea Clarke

    Andrea has had a lifelong attachment to animals, and becoming a veterinarian was a decision she made in elementary school. 

    Andrea is an experienced veterinarian who knows that there are many approaches to each case. Her goal is for each client to know what options they have and to offer guidance and care in navigating those choices. 

    She falls in love easily with working dogs especially those who are trained in hunting and retrieving.  Her pack of well mannered Drahthaars Walden, Nella and Astra are the sparkle in her eye. She can often be found showing one off to a client or working on their training on her lunch break. The Drahthaars are a family affair; training alongside her is her husband Curtis.  Andrea’s daughters Carlee and Julie make sure to give all the love and encouragement the dogs need. 

    Finding time to enjoy her hobbies like photography and field training are keys to her success as a long time veterinarian and has been proud to be part of the SE community for so many years.

  • Dr.
    Kendra Elliott

    Growing up on a cow-calf farm as a member of the Pipestone 4-H Beef & Heifer Club, she always enjoyed being around cattle, cats, dogs, and horses. Spending all that time with them came with a natural curiosity for wanting to know more about how to help an animal in need. She also was a bookworm and read a lot of Animal Ark and James Herriot Books, so being a veterinarian has been the goal since elementary school.

    Her goal with every patient, big or small, is to have them as comfortable as possible. She accomplishes this by getting to know a nervous pet, calmly handling livestock, and providing pain relief. 

    Kendra shares her home with her cat Phoebe, which she has raised since a kitten. Phoebe has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (the portion of the brain that controls movement is smaller than usual) making her wobbly and unable to jump, but making her an expert at cuddles and loves to walk in the grass. 

    Kendra’s mantra is “Be well.”

  • Dr.
    Greg Douglas

    Greg comes to PAHC from Ontario where he worked most recently in industry, government and clinical practice. He graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. His interests include surgery, emergency management and animal welfare. Greg enjoys working with all animals and welcomes the opportunity to get to know all the clients of PAHC, both human and animal. 

    Greg’s background includes an externship at the Animal Medical Center in New York, critical care medicine in Hawaii and numerous locums throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta.

    While in government, Greg amended the Saskatchewan Animal Protection Act, implemented the Ontario Animal Health Act and chased disease outbreaks from coast to coast. Within industry, Greg developed and put into action the animal care strategy for Maple Leaf Foods.

    Greg is thrilled to return to his hometown, Weyburn. It was a great place to grow up and the people are the best.


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