PAHC Purpose Statement

Enhance the quality of life of animals and their performance for the families that depend on them.

PAHC Vision Statement

Build our practice to become a model for excellence in mixed animal practice in medium-sized, rural communities; a practice that has a sound medical and business model that:

Allows its members to excel at their careers while having a healthy life-work balance;

Has an excellent rapport with the community; and,

A practice where there is openness and clarity for all its members as to what is happening, what needs to be done and how much – while being respectful for all its employees, owners and managers.

It is our vision to deliver a fresh, current veterinary service, always respecting the strength of the human-animal bond, while striving to ensure the highest level of animal health and performance. We will accomplish this by placing emphasis on preventative medicine, life balance for team members, continuing education and mentorship.

Core Values of PAHC

Compassion: Convey our understanding and respect of the human animal bond through open communication using words, tone of voice, body language, listening, written communication and atmosphere. Always respecting the animal’s welfare as the highest priority.

Team Work: A willingness to have open communication with honesty, respect, trust, appreciation, understanding and patience. To create unification and equality through co-operation with co-workers. Always striving to develop team members’ skills through training and mentorship.

Professionalism: Open communication through our words, tone of voice, body language and appearance. Being honest and respectful; instilling confidence in our service.

Excellence: Take pride in all areas of service. To provide exemplary service to patients and clients by having modern facilities and equipment with appropriate staffing and after hours availability. Service in a timely manner. Team members challenging their skills and knowledge through continuing education.