Puppy Obedience Class

Puppy Obedience class is a great way to socialize your puppy and teach him/her desired behaviors to last a lifetime.

For questions about the class call (306) 910-7242 or email [email protected]  To enroll, fill out the below form


September 4- October 9

October 23 – November 27


January 8- February 12

March 4 – April 8

April 22- May 27

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement type of training. You use a device, called a “clicker”, which makes a distinct “click” when you push it. This teaches your dog that every time they hear a click they get a reward, either a treat, toy or verbal praise.  If your pet makes a mistake, you simply ingnore it, as there is no punishment in clicker training.

Best time to start training is between 12 weeks and 1 year of age.

Proof of vaccine is required.  If your pet is under 4 months, or hasn’t finished their puppy series, a waiver can be signed.  Giving a kennel cough or Bordetella vacine is recommended as well as deworming your pet.

This class is offered four times a year, located at Queen Elizabeth School Gym and is instructed by Julie Chinski one of our Veterinary Technologists from our Weyburn facility. All you need to bring is a collar, leash and a bag of healthy treats ( we recommend zukes). We supply the clicker

Julie has attended a clicker training program, this follows the Karen Pryor Academy, and a number of other behavior continuing education sessions. Enrolling your puppy is the most efficient way to teach good behaviours that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in enrolling your dog call (306) 910-7242 or email [email protected].


Julie has been amazing to work with and I would highly recommend this class!   My biggest regret about clicker training is not taking this class sooner than I did. Having waited until Ruger was over a year old before taking obedience classes, he had developed a lot of bad habits and did not listen at all.
I took Ruger to a meet and greet before classes started as this is a class normally offered for younger puppies.  It was clear that night that Ruger was going to require a lot more work than the younger puppies, as we had to work towards breaking all his bad habits, along with learning basic commands. It was evident that Julie really wanted to help Ruger (and me), and was very accommodating to work with us!
Clicker training has worked really well for teaching Ruger new commands.  I was amazed at how fast he caught on to different words when we were in class.  It has been so beneficially to me to attend these classes and gain the tools I needed to work with Ruger.  Julie was so patient, caring and great at answering all my questions and willing to look into anything if she didn’t have the answer right away. 
Julie made it clear from the beginning that I could contact her anytime with questions or concerns, not just during the eight weeks of class, but also in the future when sessions had ended.  Thanks so much Julie! It has been a great experience and I really appreciate everything you have done!!!



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