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"Very clean clinic, quick to get appointments, great staff. My dog is always well looked after and I have no doubts in the capability of the vets or support staff"

"'Always good!! My dog approves!''

"I was able to get an appointment in the same week I called.  We were brought into a room as soon as we walked in. Tanner was scared in the exam room and they took their time with her and she calmed right down. Great experience as always!!!"

"Best vets and staff ever!!! Mcgees ears will be feeling better in no time after his visit today, and they even fit me in last minute!!! Awesome place!!"

"I really appreciate that Janelle called me earlier today to follow up on Mickey after a week. I also thank Cory who checked up Mick and the rest of the Prairie Animal Health Centre staff for being truly nice and caring."

"Just went in for emergency on this Saturday evening and Cory took great care of my dog (and baby). We we're very impressed with the case we received. Thank you!"

" 5 starI love their kind hearts.. They came out to our farm yesterday.. To keep my dog comfortable on her last day here on earth! Beautiful souls.. Even koda knew! She was wagging her tail.. Shaking a paw.. She wasn't scared at all!! Thanks for all you do! We appreciate you.. It gave us some comfort having koda at home to say goodbye! Never stop smiling and caring!! Thank you:D "

Libby’s Dental Health Journey

            Libby is a Pure Bred Miniature Schnauzer who will be turning 9 years old this March.
Throughout her life I must admit her dental care has been hit or miss.
She had some minor surgery about 4 years ago that required her to be under anesthetic so we asked that her teeth be cleaned also. Her teeth seemed good for a while and her breath did not smell unpleasant. But, sadly again I did not keep up with her dental care.

            This past year her breath has been horrible! At a recent checkup the vet said Libby measured a #2 on the scale for plaque buildup. I decided we would once again get her dental work done. When the vet did the x-rays it was discovered that she had a chipped tooth, a back tooth missing, another that was loose and a big molar had been broken off at the gum line.
 I was horrified! It just about broke my heart to think of the pain she must be in!
I was so relieved when they could extract the bothersome teeth and clean up all the rest.
Within 2 or 3 days post op Libby was a changed dog.  She was happier and more playful than normal. Her nervousness subsided and she even "looked" more relaxed.

            We now have been faithfully brushing every night and applying an oral gel on her teeth. She drinks water with an additive in it ("Healthy Mouth") to help protect her teeth and we have added an "oral health" dog food to her diet. The damage to her teeth was likely caused by a beef bone, which we no longer give her. Now she gets her "chewing fix" on healthy "Veggie Dent" treats.

            I urge all pet owners to get their pets teeth examined every year including x-rays to see if there are problems undetected by just looking. It is very important that you brush your pet’s teeth and feed them dental chews to help keep plaque from building up. Talk to your vet about proper diet and other ways you can improve your pet’s dental health. We want what’s best for our Libby so that she stays healthy and happy and pain free. I hope every pet owner feels the same way we do!

Pat Anderson


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  • "I would just like to take a second to say the staff in this place is unreal every single time I step in the door! They always take their time with Alice who is scared of everything in the clinic. I’ve never seen people with more patience and kindness. I will forever be a client of this clinic for as long as I live around here. 100%"
    Jessica Larson
  • "The veterinarian we seen was amazing. You can really tell she loves what’s she does."
    Randy and Jenny Moule
  • "We were very pleased with the treatment and care we got for our pet."
    Sharon and Dennis Mulhall
  • "Our dog Mosbi is a handful and not a big fan of coming to the vet office for visits. I certainly appreciate all of the patience given when we come in!"
    Tammi and Jason Sprecken
  • "Andrea and the vet were great to work with. I have been bringing my animals to this clinic for nearly 40 years. Keep up the good work"
    Linda Bocian
  • "Cory, as always, was incredible with myself and my boy! He is so good with the animals and truly cares!"
    Kristin and Chris Moser


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